Information on Entrance Exams

Admission Policy

The Faculty of Health Sciences seeks students who respect the independence of people, who are capable of providing high-quality medical care for the health of others, and who are capable of contributing to the development and internationalization of healthcare.

Prospective students who:

  • have broad common sense and keen sensitivity
  • are full of curiosity and who have a strong spirit of scientific and intellectual inquiry
  • have a strong attention to detail
  • are able to pay close attention and maintain total focus

The ideal student shall have the above qualities, high ethical standards and a rich sense of humanity.

Planned quota for admission, FY2015

Method of selection Department of Nursing Department of Radiological Technology Department of Medical Technology
Entrance exam based on recommendation 16 8 8
General entrance exam
Early schedule
50 25 25
General entrance exam
Late schedule
10 5 5
Entrance exam for graduates of a technical school or general studies course 4 or less 2 or less 2 or less
Total (students) 80 40 40

■ Comments from nursing students

Let’s follow the road to nursing together!
There’s a good environment, with strong connections with senior students.

■ Comments from radiological technology students

Aspire to become radiological technologists with us!

■ Comments from medical technology students

Aim high! Become an examination specialist!

Schedule of entrance exams

Type of application guidelines Distribution of guidelines Entrance exam
Okayama University Application Guidelines Late Jun
Entrance exam for International Baccalaureate Diploma holders Late Jun Late Aug
Entrance exam based on recommendation / Entrance exam for working people
Entrance exam for returnee students / Special entrance exam for privately financed international students
Late Jul Early Dec
General entrance exam: Early schedule
Entrance exam for graduates of a technical school or general studies course
Late Nov Late Feb
General entrance exam: Late schedule Mid Mar
Entrance exam for admission into third year Mid Jun Mid Aug
Okayama University Graduate School of Health Sciences (Master’s Course and Doctor’s Course) Mid Jun Late Aug

How to request application guidelines

To request application guidelines for ❶ above, please contact below.

● Telemail Customer Center
Tel: 050-8601-0102 (9:30–18:00)

● Admission Division, Academic Affairs Department, Okayama University
Tel: 086-251-7192, 7193 or 7194 (8:30–17:00, Mon–Fri), (From overseas: +81-86-251-7192, 7193 or 7194)

If you want to be sent the application guidelines for ❷ above, please write “Request for ○○ application guidelines” in red ink on the envelope, include a self-addressed envelope [Size 2 kakugata envelope (33.1cm x 24.0cm), with your name, address, zip code and phone number (mobile number) clearly written on the front, together with 250 yen in stamps], and send it to the address below.

● Office in charge of the Faculty of Health Sciences / Graduate School of Health Sciences
Academic Affairs Group, School Affairs Section
Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
2-5-1 Shikata-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-8558, Japan
Tel: 086-235-7984 (8:30–17:15, Mon–Fri), (From overseas: +81-86-235-7984)