Educational Principles and Goals (Master’s Course)

Healthcare professionals working directly with people’s life, lifestyle and health-related problems must have wide and deep expertise and advanced skills, a rich sense of humanity, high ethical standards and sensitivity to people’s needs. It is their mission to participate in activities promoting good health in ways that integrate medicine, health and welfare to allow people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, while emphasizing respect for human dignity and life.

To this end, the graduate school views “health promotion” as its target principle, with “holistic care” and “team care” as its educational principles. “Holistic care” is based on high ethical standards and a love for humanity. Healthcare professionals demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the health problems of individuals. They understand biological problems, and also issues of people living in a group as social beings. They accurately understand the health, medicine and welfare related issues of the individuals, their families and communities. To deal with these issues, they provide care based on the latest specialized skills and knowledge.

“Team care” is healthcare professionals interacting and cooperating harmoniously with professionals in other fields when working on health promotion. Each person provides expertise as a member of the team, and exercises leadership at times. Team care is readily accepted by people, and can be deployed most effectively.

Viewed globally, the pursuit of such principles and other activities for scientific and practical development and enrichment of such principles are, in an academic sense, still in their early stages. Thus it is urgent that graduates be nurtured with even more advanced skills and expertise to serve as leaders in practice, research and education in this area.

To meet these social needs, the graduate school aims to create an advanced curriculum that pursues these principles. It aims to nurture educators and researchers who can contribute to establishing a highly specialized medical profession and expertise.