Faculty of Health Sciences


Medical care in Japan has undergone great changes in recent years the society is aging and the birthrate falling, the number of people in their productive years is decreasing, and individuals with access to care in hospitals can now receive medical attention or nursing at home, a halfway house, or facilities for senior citizens and the disabled. In this new world of health care, however, medical personnel must respond to ethical questions raised by new treatments such as organ transplant and gene therapy, and treatments that value the quality of life are in high demand. Teamwork and diagnosis are important in the fields of biomedical research and innovation and community health, as various types of medical professionals are active in these areas. The Department of Medical Technology was established as part of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Okayama University Medical School to enable specialists to respond to the changing expectations of society.

We aim to cultivate nurses, health outreach workers, obstetric nurses, radiological technologists and clinical technologists who can make positive contributions to medicine in cooperation with other medical professionals and become future leaders in multidisciplinary community health action. We are confident that these professionals will be able to initiate progress within the medical sciences through clinical research and medical practice. We also strive to provide undergraduate students with an education that instills sensibility, perspective and creativity, as well as a foundation in the scientific aspects of medicine with an emphasis on mutual understanding between students who will eventually become doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. At the graduate level, we seek to support the professional development of students as specialists with the ability to establish new methodologies and systems within the medical sciences.

We welcome students with reverence and inquisitive minds and expect them to develop their skills through medical health care activities, education and research, active international participation in a wide range of fields, and by making positive contributions to the health and happiness of people around the world.