Description of graduate studies: Nursing

In a very elderly society, there is a shift in healthcare settings, from hospitals to community healthcare and home healthcare. Consequently, the role played by nurses in team medical care is becoming increasingly important. Furthermore, in the areas of advanced specialty care, disaster medicine, international healthcare, and health and welfare, nurses are also responsible for exercising their nursing expertise in cooperation and collaboration with a wide range of other professionals.
Nurses also need to build up a career while also constantly refining their own knowledge and skills. For this reason, nurturing highly talented nurses in a graduate nursing curriculum has never been more necessary. Nurses who explore nursing from a scientific perspective and who have specialized practical clinical skills.
Accordingly, in the field of nursing, the Graduate School of Health Sciences aspires to conduct research that is useful in practice, while making the most of its ties with the Okayama University Hospital and with other hospitals and community facilities. It also aspires to graduate education that enhances expertise based on evidence in nursing, and which nurtures researchers, educators and practitioners (certified nurse specialists in cancer nursing, midwives) who provide better quality nursing and build better quality nursing systems.