Admission Policy / Diploma Policy (Master’s Course)

Admission Policy

The Graduate School of Health Sciences seeks prospective students who:

  • have a basic knowledge of health and medical care, a rich sense of humanity, and a superb sensitivity
  • have a passion and strong will to contribute to the improvement of people’s health and well-being
  • possess a spirit of cooperation, think flexibly, and have the potential to become a core member in team medical care in the future
  • aspire to acquire a high degree of professional skills and expertise in health, medicine and welfare, and in related fields
  • aspire to acquire fundamental research skills for the purpose of engaging in the development of equipment, technologies and education programs

Diploma Policy

The Graduate School of Health Sciences awards degrees to students whose research results outlined in a thesis meet the standards for conferment of a degree set by the Graduate School, and who meet the following requirements.

  • Able to contribute to the practical application of health promotion through his/her practice of health sciences.
  • Able to provide holistic health and medical care as a core member of health and medical care teams.
  • Possess fundamental research skills and an inquiring mind, and be capable of self-development throughout the course of his/her career.
  • Able to respond flexibly to social and environmental changes.
  • Have a high degree of professional skills and expertise, and be capable of contributing to improvements in health, medicine and welfare.